• Moriah Rhodes

What is Self-Love?

Self-love is not what we see on tv when we see the music videos with everyone dancing and being half-dressed to prove they are worthy of being better than you and me.

Self-love is something that everyone struggles with and takes time to learn to do.

Self-love is what separates you from what you think you deserve vs what you will accept.

When people ask you how you practice self-love, most will say they practice self-love by being okay with being alone.

Many people will say self-love comes within.

Many people will say through life lessons.

But what do you do when that self-love is not something you have grabbed the concept to do.

It's not as simple as tying your shoe.

Self-love to me is understanding that everything happens for a reason and the lessons that we learn through people is get us ready for the truth.

Crying and shaking and being depressed and trying to hide from the truth is what I learn to do in order to be safe from the world around me.

When people ask me how I practice self-love, I tell them that's something that I'm still growing and learning to do through all my trials and tribulations. I know this is the lesson I hope to learn one day to do.

There is my favorite quote from Bob Marley: "Truth is everyone going to hurt you - You just have to find the one worth suffering for."

Which to me means we are going to have different people enter our lives that treat us bad and good; we just have to learn to find the people that light fire in our hearts and bring us more joy than pain. And once we grab that concept, we will find the true meaning of what self-love truly means to you and me.

I encourage you this week to practice self-love. It can be anything from walking to meditation - find that place of comfort that can help you heal and come back to yourself.

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