• Ashanti Munir

Part of the Family

I’ve been a member of WW for 5 years now. I visited one other church when I first moved to Charlotte in 2016, but I felt alone even in the midst of hundreds of churchgoers. I enjoyed the choir and the pastors’ teachings. However, I still felt the need for spiritual food that resonated with my spirit at that time. I felt so broken at this point in my journey.

After meeting a friend at a jazz café, I was invited to the church with the rainbow doors, and upon arriving in the sanctuary I was welcomed with such warm. It threw me off a bit, I just didn’t expected that. I guess I expected that you walk in find a seat and listen to the teachings.

Then the “Extravagant Welcome” was read. It was a good feeling that all are welcome even the people that are unsure about a Higher Power, or if you were sad or stressed or just didn’t know what you feel about Life, a Higher being. That spoke volumes to me. The other thing that moved me was that we could share our personal stories, and with sharing your experiences and your journey leaves space for healing yourself and others.

Here at Wedgewood, We Are All Welcome Here!!!!

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