• Dorothy Smart

Fruit of the Spirit

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

I am grateful to have awoken this morning. Today will be a GOOD DAY. As my eyes open and my mind expands, I will choose to pull closer to God. I strive to be just like my heavenly Father. I was born in His image. To be made in someone's image is to share the characteristics as the creator. My Father is fruitful. Through the Holy Spirit, may I be filled with the Fruit of the Spirit.

The Fruit of the Spirit is a term that sums up nine attributes of a person or a community living in accord with the Holy Spirit. The Fruit of the Spirit is as follows: Love - Joy - Peace – Patience – Kindness – Goodness – Faithfulness – Gentleness - Self-control.

As I go through out my day today, I am filled with even more Love, Joy, and Peace. I will be Patient with myself and everyone/everything around me. I am Kind today. I am filled with Goodness, therefore, I am Good and all is Good around me. I am Faithful. More Gentle I will become each day. I practice Self Control over all areas in my life. Each and every day I shall walk more and more with Jesus and become like Him.


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